Die nächste Forschergeneration am Institut für Physikalische Chemie. Besuch der Klasse 7g1 vom Adolf-Reichwein-Gymnasium in Jena.

© Wolf

Image © Wolf

Big News! New Collaborative Research Center (SFB) Nonlinear optics down to atomic scales will be supported by the German Science Foundation. Congratulations to the organisers and all participants! Details here press release

Our results on TERS and PiFM correlation on MoS2 are available: Synergy of Photoinduced Force Microscopy and Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy—A Correlative Study on MoS2.

© Katrin Uhlig

Image © Katrin Uhlig

ASAP article in JACS by He et al.: Tip-Enhanced Raman Imaging of Single-Stranded DNA with Single Base Resolution - very nice collaboration

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We are proud that Marie received the Young Researchers Award at ICORS 2018 on Jeju island.

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Congratulations to the organisers and all participants! New Collaborative Research Center (Transregio) between Ulm and Jena “CataLight” will be supported by the German Science Foundation.

Our latest review on "Latest instrumental developments and bioanalytical applications in tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy” has been published in TrAC. Congratulations Robert and Xiaobin. The article can be downloaded for free until May 7th!

Protein Handshake on the Nanoscale: How Albumin and Hemoglobin self assemble into Nanohybrid Fibers! a collaboration between our colleagues from material sciences and us. The nano scale investigation of the proteins self assemble will help to design bio inspired fibers with tailored properties. press release

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Recent publication
Kasia’s and Ludovic’s paper on the AFM supported Raman investigation of fatty acid uptake of single cells has been just published in The Analyst! Congratulations on the joint effort and hopefully the beginning of a closer cooperation between the Raman Imaging Group in Krakow and Jena…

Congratulations to our Research Partner Prof. Stefanie Gräfe on her ERC consolidator grant!

Recent publication
Congratulations to Marie and Zhenglong! Their Faraday Discussion paper on: "Plasmon induced polymerization using a TERS approach: a platform for nanostructured 2D/1D material production” is in press!

Recent publication 26.01.2018
A strong collaborative effort regarding:
On the Control of Chromophore Orientation, Supramolecular Structure, and Thermodynamic Stability of an Amphiphilic Pyridyl-Thiazol upon Lateral Compression and Spacer Length Variation.
has been published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. More...